super bird

February 7, 2011

You might not be aware of it, but my brother is actually a bit of a super hero. The worn corduroys, spectacles, calculator, divided binder, engineering thing…quite the disguise.

Even super heroes need socks. These socks are knit to fit the bill, with super strong Jawoll sock yarn. A yarn that is reinforced with nylon and acrylic, and machine washable and dryable…because super heroes don’t always have the time to let things air dry.

The legs and tops of the feet are knit in k2 p2 ribbing, to stay nice and snug while in use. 68 stitches, knit on size 1 needles.

The contrasting red heel is knit with the addition of reinforcement yarn, which comes with every package of Jawoll.

These socks are custom engineered to fit, and certain to warm the feet of super bird (most likely flying your way sometime soon…).

One Response to “super bird”

  1. KnitterInPink Says:

    Lovely! My dad would love a pair like that…might need to work on that for Christmas!

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