an owl hat (made with scraps)

February 3, 2011

I had a bit of yarn leftover from the scarf that I made yesterday, and looked online for patterns for it. I found this free pattern and just had to make it! I have seen quite a few patterns with this owl, or a variation of it, and they are just cute!

There is an adult version and child version. I made the larger one, using the cocoon yarn that I had left over. The owl pattern is quite simple. It is a series of cables, a few knits and purls, and not much else. You basically repeat the same three pattern rows in different arrangements.

I am going to find some buttons to put on the purls for eyes, when I get around to it…

The owls are pretty cute, hanging out around the hat. The pattern is pretty subtle, and I think that the eyes will bring out the owl-ness a little more!

One Response to “an owl hat (made with scraps)”

  1. gemma Says:

    oh my goodness tori, you are so amazing. it’s kind of embarrassing how much i look at your blog. haha.

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