Here is attempt number one of Tunisian crochet. I have been meaning to get around to this for a while. This morning, when I got into work, I grabbed a ball of Peaches and Cream multi colored yarn, and a wonderful crochet hook with a long cord (also known as an afghan hook). The stitches are worked back and forth on the right side of the work, picking up the horizontal loops while working to the left, and getting rid of them as you work back to the right.

The long cord attached to the end of the hook comes in handy when you start accumulating the stitches. If you were working a small item, you probably wouldn’t even need the cord!

I made a pot holder of sorts, although it might need to be double thick for it to be really useful. It looks pretty crafty, and now I am now motivated to try the technique with linen, or hemp, to make some placemats. I also want to try it with an assortment of hand dyed yarns to see what happens with the variegation.

Some days I just love my job! Especially when it requires me to do “product development.” Hehehe..