teal sweater day twelve

February 28, 2011

a pear tart

February 27, 2011

It is very exciting to turn these…

…into this….

…and this.

Emily and I picked these pears from a tree in my friend Mary’s back yard. They are seckel pears, a small, sweet, and delicate variety! Heli-Claire, my dad and I peeled them and preserved them in maple syrup with brown sugar and lemon juice last fall. Today I made tarts. I love the simplicity of opening a jar of preserved food, and having an almost instant dessert.

Tart crust: a basic pie dough. One recipe of dough makes two tarts.

Press the dough into tart pans and bake until dough is cooked through.

One quart jar of sickle pears preserved in maple syrup.

Reserve juice for boiling down into syrup.

Part of a vanilla bean, one cup cream, 1 T sugar, 1 T cornstarch, 1 T butter. Mixed, heated, and thickened to form a pastry cream.(Enough for one tart)

Layer the pastry cream in a baked tart shell. Place pears artistically on top. Don’t remove stems. (They were lovingly left in tact in the first place…) Drizzle tart with reduced maple syrup pear juice. Serve right away.

teal sweater day eleven

February 27, 2011

teal sweater day ten

February 26, 2011

teal sweater day nine

February 25, 2011

teal sweater day eight

February 24, 2011

teal sweater day seven

February 23, 2011

teal sweater day six

February 22, 2011

teal sweater day five

February 21, 2011

teal sweater day four

February 20, 2011