orange and sweaters

December 27, 2010

Here is another orange sweater. I just can’t help making them. I found the pattern for this in an old magazine that someone gave to my mom. It turns out that the someone is a friend of mine and she made the sweater and wore it out!

The sweater is made up of three cable patterns and double moss stitch. The first pattern is a fisherman’s cable, the second is called blackberry stitch (looks like little popcorns to me) and the third is called antler.  I made a test swatch for all three patterns along with my gauge to get to know the stitches before I started the project. I also washed and blocked the gauge, which is super important. A tip from my friend Jeanne McCanless!

The sweater is pretty straightforward. No shaping on the body, which I like, and simple set in sleeves. Usually I need to sew my sleeves in a few times, but these sleeves went right in on the first try.

As I was knitting the sweater I became worried that it wouldn’t fit. Instead of waiting to sew all the parts together, I washed and blocked the whole thing minus on sleeve. The result was that I couldn’t exactly figure out where the second sleeve needed to be finished to match up with the first…and I think that I knit the sleeve cap four times…

I used Cascade 220, a relatively inexpensive yarn, and am really happy with the results. I was planning on making it in the traditional cream, but when this orange yarn came in I couldn’t help it…My sweater cost $42.37 including tax, which to me is a pretty good price for a wool sweater! (Minus the time…) I am looking forward to see how the yarn holds up to lots of wear. I have a feeling that it will wear really well.

I found some bone buttons at the store. I am a little bit bummed as there were only six of them and I needed seven. I am going to look for a seventh, and until then I will leave the top button open at all times. The button band was sewn on after, and I think that I could have made it a little bit tighter and the buttons wouldn’t have pulled as much. I might go in and redo this part later….

December 3, 2010

I am happy to say that we have gotten our website, up and running, just in time for holiday shopping!! Stop in to visit our site (or the store if you are in Iowa)!

Our website has a selection of our favorite store items, including Nicholas Mosse Irish Pottery, Burleighware from England, hand made baby slippers, Italian torrone, panforte, and panettone, Moomin books, mugs, and bowls from Finland, and much more! We are adding new items every day, so keep checking back!