September 28, 2009

ChestnutsThis has got to be the best time of the year. My head is spinning from all the fruits, vegetables, and now chestnuts!! My friend Valerie told me about some chestnut trees this afternoon, and I practically ran (drove) right there. Chestnuts always seem to sneak up on me. They aren’t ripe until I forget about them, and then they are dropping prickly bundles all over the place!


I learned today that it is best to let chestnuts dry out for a week or so before eating. I am not sure exactly why, but it is easier to remove the shells when there is less moisture. So the nuts are drying out on a drying rack. I just hope that the mice don’t decide to eat them all!

The owner of the tree gave me two little chestnut trees! I am sad that Heli isn’t here to plant them.. I guess that I will have to figure it out on my own. The larger one (in the trash can) is a two year tree, and the smaller on is just a sprout! Hopefully they will grow nice and big one day and produce lots of chestnuts!!MamaBabyTree

I am just starting to think what to do with all the chestnuts. I am going to visit Heli in a few weeks and would like to make some Monte Bianco, a dessert made with chestnuts, milk, sugar, vanilla, and creme. A mountain of chestnut puree with a cream top. It is really good, but requires lots and lots of peeling…

9 Responses to “chestnuts”

  1. heli Says:

    i’m sure i can find some recruits!

  2. Helen Davis Says:

    I will help if I can taste!!!

  3. Benjamin Katz Says:

    I’ve got a chestnut tree by where I’m staying and made a delicious butternut squash and chestnut soup the other day. I read online that there are two ways to cook chestnuts depending on how you want to use them. The easiest way is to cool them in the freezer (don’t let them freeze though) and then cut them in half and boil them for 7 1/2 minutes. They come out of the shell easily and then you can use them for whatever you like. I’m gonna make some of the puree too. I’d love to try making monte bianco too.

    • Torrey Says:

      Thanks for the info Benjamin! I am currently letting them dry out, and then will probably try lots of different ways to prepare them! I like to experiment and see what works best for different things.I have never heard of cooling them in the freezer first. Anything to get the shells off more easily though!

  4. Teah Says:

    I wish I could come to the chestnut party!!

    • Torrey Says:

      Teah, I will let you know when I am processing the chestnuts. I am not sure exactly what I will do, but I will keep you posted!!

  5. emily Says:

    I really want to do more baking with you, this sounds like so much fun! It’s making me hungry too, Monte Bianco sounds like heaven 😉

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