September 28, 2009

We have several bell pepper plants in the garden, and Heli was always trying to make me save them until they ripened. So here they are! All ripe, and in the pan with some small onions to make Erika’s Peppers.

Erika’s Peppers

Simply slice some red and yellow bell peppers and sweet onions into strips. Add a sprinkle of salt too. Cook over low heat, with enough olive oil so that nothing sticks, until peppers are caramelized, and cooked way, way down. (about 45 minutes or an hr) Add white wine to the mixture as it is cooking for extra flavor. This is delicious spread over fresh bread with cheese, or alone with a drizzle of Erika’s Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. ErikaPeppers

I also found a pickle recipe on a wonderful blog called Saving The Season ( which is all about canning. I got so inspired that I went to the market in search of red jalapenos to make jalapeno pickle. Unfortunately no one had any. I think the cool weather that we have been having has caused peppers to ripen much more slowly. So I opted for green jalapenos, and roasted them to make pickle. I forgot to wear gloves and had slightly warm sensitive hands all day…Jalapenoroasted

Below is a sterilized jar waiting for the peppers!! It looked so cute all arranged on the counter, I couldn’t help taking a picture. I ended up with three jars of peppers, one with my mom’s name on it for sure (she loves pickled hot peppers!). PepperJarsAnd I keep thinking about peter picking pickled peppers, or pickling pints of peppers, but I can’t remember exactly what..

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