how to jump out of a box

November 5, 2009


fig. 1

1. Print a UPS label and void the shipment.

2. Purchase a large ummarked box and a roll of tape.

3. Place the box in a believable location. (fig. 1)

4. Have a friend tape you into the box.

Swati, Torrey, and Box

fig. 2

5. Pretend like you are an inanimate object in the box, and wait.

6. Make sure that the friend supervising the opening of the box has the recipient (a) open the box, and (b) open it with a relatively dull object.

Swati Hyperventilating

fig. 3

7. Wave your arms and legs around when the box is opened. (fig. 2)

8. Make sure that the hyperventilating recipient (fig. 3) doesn’t pass out. Supply a cup of tea, or perhaps some Rescue Remedy.

putting up the spice rack

October 30, 2009

I have had this spice rack sitting on my counter for about a year. I finally decided on jars last week, which are a light green glass with cork lids (from Spain), and I was motivated to put the rack up on the wall. My mom stopped over tonight to drop off a few things, and she helped me put up the rack.


The process started with a trip to the basement for wood screws. They are different from machine screws, and the way that they are formed makes them grip the wood and hold on better.

Wood Screw

My basement has a whole section of assorted screws, nails, and other odds and ends, left over from my grampa’s house building days. We also picked up a phillips head screwdriver, a tape measure, and a level.


In order to place the rack right in the middle of the wall space, we measured with a handy snap out ruler. Then my mom held the rack while I put one screw in and tightened it most of the way in. Then we used the level to make sure that the rack was in the right place, and held on tight while we added the second screw.


Funny thing is that the spice rack might be level, but it definitely doesn’t match the light switch on the wall underneath..

Spice Rack

And now the spices are all in their new home, not stuffed in plastic bags in my cupboard. I haven’t put any labels on the jars yet, and am not sure if I will. They look really pretty sitting on the shelf with the different spices bright inside.