how to jump out of a box

November 5, 2009


fig. 1

1. Print a UPS label and void the shipment.

2. Purchase a large ummarked box and a roll of tape.

3. Place the box in a believable location. (fig. 1)

4. Have a friend tape you into the box.

Swati, Torrey, and Box

fig. 2

5. Pretend like you are an inanimate object in the box, and wait.

6. Make sure that the friend supervising the opening of the box has the recipient (a) open the box, and (b) open it with a relatively dull object.

Swati Hyperventilating

fig. 3

7. Wave your arms and legs around when the box is opened. (fig. 2)

8. Make sure that the hyperventilating recipient (fig. 3) doesn’t pass out. Supply a cup of tea, or perhaps some Rescue Remedy.

4 Responses to “how to jump out of a box”

  1. anndrea taylor Says:

    Torrey – Just visited your blog for the first time! Its wonderful! All of it! So great to be with you and Swati, Bronwyn and Monty last night at the Greek restaurant! Much love! Hoping to see you soon this visit! Love, Anndrea

    • Torrey Says:

      Thanks Anndrea! It was so much fun to see you too!! I had some of the persimmons this morning for breakfast (the ones that we shared with the birds!). xoxo Torrey

  2. Rick&Cheryl Van Weelden Says:

    we are so glad you posted these instructions on how to jump out of a box. We got the first part correct and I taped Cheryl in. It was the last part we had trouble with. Once i had her taped in, we could not figure how to get her out. Luckily, about ten days later I was taking out some trash and when I picked up the box it broke and Cheryl fell out. What a lucky break!! We love your site and miss seeing you at the bluegrass jam.
    God Bless 🙂

    • Torrey Says:

      Glad that Chery fell out in the end! When my friend did actually tape me in the box, her sister took her sweet time opening it. She almost didn’t want to open it until her birthday the next day…Fortunately the sister that taped me in the box convinced the sister that was opening it to open it….would have been a long night!
      Missing you guys at bluegrass too! I really wanted to make it this Saturday, but I am going to visit my sister in Michigan….Oh well.

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