a pineapple roll

August 30, 2010

Another tunic. The same pattern as the last one, but made with pineapple fiber!

When we got the new tunic pattern at the store, and when it turned out well in the linen, I decided to make it with the pineapple fiber as well.

The pineapple fiber (imported from Japan by Habu) is originally made in the Philippines. It is made from the fibrous leaves of the pineapple plant (which look like, and initially are, the top of a pineapple). I had started something else with it, and never finished it, so I ripped it and made this tunic instead.

I used three very fine strands of fiber stranded together throughout. The gauge was about the same as for the linen tunic, but the weight was much much lighter!

One of my favorites things about knitting with the pineapple is that it smelled lovely, and a little bit like dried grass the whole time. I quite liked picking up the garment as I was knitting it just to smell it…

2 Responses to “a pineapple roll”

  1. Torrey Says:

    custom made. i can get you some, but you might have to pay a lot for them.

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