small production run

November 3, 2014

These are denim work dresses. They have a pocket for things; a tape measure or a trowel, a paintbrush, the corner of a tea towel, or perhaps a chisel. They are sturdy, and finished by hand. They are meant to be worn and used, patched, and used again. 

14 - 2

Some jumpers have right handed pockets, and some have left handed pockets. They are made for different people to enjoy.

14 - 1

One of the pieces of fabric came with a flaw on the edge. I put it right on the front, and wove a bit of thread in to make it look a little bit interesting. I like things with a little bit of character some of the time.

14 - 12

There are three of these. One is spoken for, and the other two are up for sale. contact me if you are interested.

14 - 3

3 Responses to “small production run”

  1. Theo Bowen Says:

    I love it! What weight denim did you use?

    • Torrey Says:

      Theo, I am glad you like them! The lighter one is a heavyweight weight Japanese denim remnant from my favorite fancy fabric store. I was a little bit worried that I might do in my sewing machine with some of the seams. The darker two are a lighter weight denim.

  2. Divya Says:

    These are just lovely !

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