garden report

August 5, 2011

Things are looking a little beaten up in the garden. It has been hot hot hot. And no rain for over a month…

We (my mom) pulled a tomato horn worm off of a pepper plant. It worked its way around the first plant and was just setting in on the second when we spotted it…

There has been an infestation of little yellow beetles, that love to eat the heck out of pumpkin and eggplant leaves.

And some lovely cabbage worms have been keeping me busy. I look for fresh droppings, and usually find a cabbage green worm that needs to be plucked off and disposed of…

My mom and I picked a crop of lima beans. They are quite a bit of work to pick and shell, but it is pleasant work, sitting in the garden in the morning with a breeze.

The okra are looking good, creating a little tunnel for the tasty morsels to grow up in. I planted a burgundy variety and they are quite beautiful and tender. I haven’t gotten past eating them raw so far, but hopefully will get around to pickling some at some point..

The marigold fence along the north border of the garden seems to be doing well. I haven’t had too much trouble with larger scale vermin, and am hoping that the marigolds are helping with this. Also, I just love how they look and smell.

The pumpkin patch got in super late. We had so much rain that I wasn’t able to get anything in for about a month! By the time everything was ready it was mid July. But I stuck some pumpkin, corn and bean seeds in some hills of soil and horse manure and covered them with straw. Hopefully they will produce by the first frost. At least they were planted too late for the vine boarers to attack!

Beans are in a holding pattern. When it got too hot, they stopped producing, and I am hoping that they will start again as the temperature cools off (relatively speaking).

The purple podded pole beans are a lovely tangle of purple foliage, beans, stems and blossoms!

The sunflowers are doing their duty, greeting the sun every morning, and following it across the sky. I love to see how their heads have moved throughout the day!

Last but not least is my compost pile. The soil out here isn’t the greatest, and so it is really important to add organic material. I started this compost pile a few weeks ago, layering straw, fresh hay, weeds, garden clippings, leaves, and kitchen scraps. I also add a bit of soil here and there. The pile is on top of a bed of branches to allow for adequate drainage, and I have been watering it as I do the garden, to keep it moist and happy. It is situated under an oak tree, as directed by Jon Jeavons. I am guessing that the microbial live present in the roots helps with the composting process. I like to think of it as a moist compost layer cake with straw frosting…tasty!

Here is a bit of bolting lettuce. I keep it because it looks so pretty!

3 Responses to “garden report”

  1. Bill Says:

    Hot Hot and Dry Dry – indeed! This morning I found a frog in the toilet.

  2. Kathy Says:

    I think your garden has done amazingly well, considering the weather during this growing season! Great photo of the bowl of shelled lima beans – one of my favorites. Yum.

  3. Moni Says:

    The lettuce that goes to seed this fall will be first thing up this next spring…it comes up as soon as the soil temp is just right. I love to have volunteers like that in my garden. Other great plants to let go to see so you have some come up on its own every year are dill, cilantro, spilanthes, Asian greens, kale, and stiff neck garlic đŸ™‚

    The too wet, too cold, too windy early garden has turned into a too hot, too dry, too windy summer garden…oh for the challenges of gardening. Looking forward to some fall rains to get us back to normal before winter.
    Your garden looks good besides all the challenges.

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