sweet peaches and sour cherries

August 17, 2010

The weather has cooled off (relatively speaking), I have a box of ripe peaches in my kitchen, and a bag of this year’s pitted sour cherries in my freezer. Pie time!

I picked up a box of butter on my way home from work, and made up a double batch of pie dough. (I like to bake my pies in twos. When you go to all the trouble to bake a pie, might as well make another one…) For the filling, I used about 8 medium-sized peaches and one bag (about 6 cups of pitted cherries). I dropped the peaches in boiling water to skin, and sliced into wedges. I added about 1 1/4 cups sugar for both pies, and a bit of flour as the cherries were very juicy. And dotted the top of the fruit with a few tablespoons of butter.

I kept the tops covered, as opposed to lattice, as I have been doing a lot of crisscrossed tops lately and I wanted a change. I folded the tops and dough over, leaving a generous crust edge, which didn’t end up browning too much in the oven.

3 Responses to “sweet peaches and sour cherries”

  1. Sankari Says:

    holy yumminess Torr!!! Those pies look beyond Delish! You and Heli are making me want to dust off all my baking things! looks so yummy!

  2. heli-claire Says:

    I’ll make you coffee if you bring me pie.

  3. […] while she was still sleeping, and snatched several. I had to resist an urge to take one of her pies from her kitchen […]

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