rhubarb and rose petals

June 1, 2010

Today my friend Hilary and I made jam. She supplied two bundles of rhubarb, and I added a well packed cup of rose petals.

The result was a sweet, delicately rose scented rhubarb jam. We ate the better part of a jar with spoons while we processed the jars.

The rhubarb and sugar were mixed first, and left to sit. When the sugar had mostly dissolved, we added lemon juice and rose petals.

We put the mixture onto a burner and let it boil for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, we washed, dried and set up our jars, lids, and canning utensils. We used Weck canning jars (glass jars and lids, made in Germany) which are the cutest things ever!

Below are the filled jars. We ended up with quite a few! The rhubarb jam is quite thin, with a little scent of rose, and I can’t wait to put it onto vanilla ice cream..

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