May 28, 2010

We found t.q. a few days ago on a gravel road. He (she?) was crossing, and I stopped the car right over him, got out, reached past the tire, and pulled him out! What a cutie. I think that he came right out of the turtle egg hole.

I took him directly to my dad’s house, and set him into a pool of rain water that he had sitting in his garden. It is the perfect spot. Partially shaded, and surrounded by flowers.

When I put t.q into the water, he seemed a little uncertain as to what he should be doing. It took a little time for him to figure out how to turn, and swim up and down. It was super cute! He has a tendency to tuck his right back foot in when he turns around.

t.q. has a little board in the middle of his pond to sit on and relax in the sun. Turtles can’t stay in the water all the time, or they will tire out!

To feed t.q., my dad went to Hy-Vee and picked up 15 cents worth of hamburger meat. t.q. didn’t eat any the first time, but after a few tries he took a mouthful. We feed him a bite, and then we set him back into the water to eat.

I think that he has already grown in the three days that we have known him.

4 Responses to “t.q.”

  1. heli-claire Says:

    He is so cute!!!! I love that you got to watch him on his first swim!

  2. Helen Davis Says:

    He is super cute!!!!!

  3. Adrien Says:

    Cute! Aaaaah! His home looks so lovely, I’m sure he’ll have a very happy life.

  4. Heather Says:

    So very cute!!

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