a long, not so rewarding hunt

April 24, 2010

They are out there. The morels, fungi, jack-in-the-pulpets, and other things. The nettles are up to my waist, and the peepers are hopping around everywhere.

So why can’t I find them? Skye and I tromped through the woods, searching this morning, and found two little morels. Argh.

They are sitting in my fridge, soaking in salt water, to be fried in butter later, and eaten on toast, or some such thing.

Why can’t we find the patches, and bring in a load like usual? I am beginning to wonder if I have lost my morel vision. Or maybe they are taking their time, waiting until the perfectly prescribed moment to pop up. Regardless of whether or not I am around.

I guess that I just have to keep at it.

One Response to “a long, not so rewarding hunt”

  1. Moni Says:

    Just spent a couple of hours yesterday with a neighbor looking for morels and we did not find a one. Must be the year or the timing. In the past I have found them when the jack-in-the-pulpits were up…and we did not see any yesterday. You did see some so perhaps it is a bit early for the big loads of morels?
    Let me know if you find loads!

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