heli-claire’s kitchen

April 14, 2010

A quick blog-ish note.

If you like food, and beautiful photographs of food, and entertaining write-ups about food, I would definitely recommend giving Heli-Claire’s Kitchen a peep. I am biased, of course, what can I say. But who doesn’t want to drool over cornmeal biscotti and potato pie funnelled with cream, or get tips on how to make a tart’s edges stand up to the heat??

I love to cook, bake, garden, harvest, etc with my sister (except when she makes me grate cheese), and so it is particularly fun to be able to see what she is doing in the world of food on a regular basis!

P.S. Here is her tidy, tiny, kitchen, in which she manages to do just about everything!

2 Responses to “heli-claire’s kitchen”

  1. Sankari Says:

    that is the cutest little kitchen Heli 🙂 hey torr- when i click on the link to go to Heli’s page – it says server error… love the pics on the blog today! hugs to you both! xoxo

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