humpty dumpty (pre-fall)

April 3, 2010

I went over to my friend Chloe’s  house last night with my full tray of needle felting wool. I was inspired to make something, but not sure exactly what. She was working on a crafty project, and said that she had some duck eggs in the fridge for decorating later…

And then I knew that I needed to make Humpty Dumpty (pre-fall). I hollowed out the egg, drilled holes, and stuck pipe cleaners through for arms and legs. I wrapped white wool around the pipe cleaners to shape the arms and legs, and then added the vest and pants. Then suspenders, buttons, and trim.

Finally, I made the coat and felted it on.

The finished H. D. likes spending time in the daffodil patch,

balancing high up on bricks and other hard, sharp, potentially dangerous objects,

and taking trips around the garden for leisure on Mama Hen.

From the looks of things, you might say that he is quite the little adventurer!

5 Responses to “humpty dumpty (pre-fall)”

  1. Sankari Says:

    This is waaaay tooo adorable Torrey! Love it! Love the one of HD riding a chicken! He sure is spunky!! Could I request more adventures of HD in the future – the kids have LOVED looking at this post!!! 🙂

  2. Kathy Says:

    Now that’s just a perfect little spring/Easter goodie! What fun you must have had creating him.

  3. Moni Says:

    just too cute!!

    That hen is also making the rounds as it HD!

  4. Heather Says:

    I agree, too cute!! Great idea!

    Say, I was in the store for Art Walk and saw a book about needle felting little animals. One of them was a corgi. I showed a picture of him to the gal I had for a house concert who has a corgi herself and she wanted to know how she could buy one like it – is that something you would ever do? Or know someone who would?

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