monkey bread

March 29, 2010

My fingers smell like butter, cinnamon, and sugar. I kind of like it.

I just (with the help of a friend) rolled 64 balls of dough in butter, sugar, and cinnamon to bake some home-made monkey bread.

I have one memory source of monkey bread. My best friend’s grandmother used to serve it to us when we would go over for a visit. My guess is that she bought it at the supermarket, but I can’t remember 100%. We would sit in the rounded booth table in the kitchen, eat monkey bread, and discuss grandmother like topics (of which nothing comes to mind…).

When my friend Danielle posted about monkey bread on her blog, I decided that I had to make some. I got the recipe from (suggested by Danielle) and it was clear, and very easy to follow. I have a ledge in my kitchen and I set my computer right up there and follow away. The only problem is if I have to scroll down a page with my sticky fingers…

Monkey bread is made with a yeasted dough that is cut into little sections (64 according to my recipe), rolled into balls, and dipped into butter…

and then brown sugar and cinnamon.

Then the balls are placed into a bundt cake pan,

set aside to rise again,

and then baked.

This is a morning bread, but if you were to make it for breakfast, you would have to wake up at around 4am? Too early if you ask me!

So it was an evening bread, eaten by the fire with fingers and napkins. With plenty left over for the morning!

2 Responses to “monkey bread”

  1. Sankari Says:

    mmm – looks delicious in the morning and in the evening… love the bit a bout “grandmother like topics”… lol!

  2. […] Torrey made Monkey Bread this weekend! Look at all that heavenly cinnamon and sugar. I really need to get around to it now 🙂 […]

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