March 20, 2010

Maybe you could say that I am on a cake kick. Opportunities just keep popping up. It was my friend’s birthday last night. She had a roller skating birthday with a cake contest. I finished work around 5, and really wanted to bake a cake. I didn’t have a recipe with me in town, and my mom suggested that I just grab a mix…so I did.

I started with a Barefoot Contessa mix for coconut cupcakes, and added to it.

Instead of making cupcakes, I made two 8″ cakes, and then sliced them both in half to make 4 layers.

For some reason my kitchen becomes a disaster when I bake a cake. I was talking with my mom about it last night, and she was saying that it had to do with all the sugar all over the place. Maybe cakes are a collection of too much sugar.

I made a filling of Greek style yogurt, coconut passion fruit jam from France, and whipped cream (also my mom’s idea). I softly whipped the cream (1/2 cup) and gently folded in the yogurt (about 2/3 of a container), which is strained and quite firm. The mixture was quite tart, and so I added a lot of the jam to sweeten and flavor it. The cake itself was sweet, so I didn’t make the filling overly sweet.

Meanwhile, the cakes were on the porch cooling. The weather went from beautiful and sunny in the early afternoon, to cold, raining, and then snowing.

I put the coconut passion fruit filling in between the layers of the cake. I had a good amount of filling, which made the cake kind of tall. I was worried that it would drip over the sides, but it behaved itself. As the cake sat, a lot of the filling was absorbed by the layers.

I frosted the outside of the cake with cream cheese butter frosting (cream cheese, butter, and powdered sugar from the baking mix “packet number 3”). I dusted the sides with coconut flakes (from “packet number 2”). For the top I put a layer of passion fruit coconut jam for brightness and color (also my mom’s idea).

This is my conclusion about cakes and mixes. My kitchen is still a mess, and I spent a lot of time. BUT, I didn’t have to think too much about things. It was fun. I had a cake where I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

8 Responses to “cake-from-a-mix”

  1. Sankari Says:

    that looks sooo yummy! love the “action” shot of mixing those yummy ingredients and the cake parts on the porch – the final result looks scrumptious!

  2. Bill Says:

    Where is this one going???

  3. Moni Says:

    Not a big cake mix user either, but sounds like it left you (and your mother) time to be creative!
    What a fabulous looking cake…from a simple box mix!


  4. Bill Says:

    Really? Do you ever make the same thing twice?

  5. ayni Says:

    it was the jam! (no pun really intended since the passionfruit was more of a curd or creme than a jam. anyway.)

    seeing pictures now i cant believe you did all that work while i was taking a bath 🙂 i just got to enjoy the finished product!

    a note about cake mixes – though a mix often feels like a cheat, the sign of a really good mix is that it takes as many steps as a “from scratch” recipe. which this one did. they seem to just take the exact right proportions of ingredients one may not otherwise all have at home. I usually am a “from scratch” girl, but id def get this mix to have on hand for cake emergencies!


  6. […] I thought it would be perfect for a cake topping and then I remembered that my sister had made a cake using it, a few months […]

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