hoodless wonder

January 22, 2010

I finished the tomten hood a few days ago, grafted the top stitches, and then decided that it was too much…too heavy, and bulky, and I wasn’t even sure that I would use it. I love hoods, but the idea of a knitted hood, potentially not very windproof, and possibly saggy, had to go. I went back to knitting the stand up, possibly flop down collar, and it worked out really well. I am now kind of obsessed with wearing this sweater/coat. I feel like it is a bit of a sheep wrapped around me. Toasty warm!

To finish the coat, I made a collar that is about 8 inches long, and it folds over. I then picked up the stitches along both fronts and knit 6 rows (3 garter stitch ridges on the front) and then cast off. I was planning on adding a zipper to this, but I am now not so sure. I kind of like the idea of buttons or toggles of sorts. I will probably wear it around for a month or so before deciding…

Elizabeth Zimmerman has to have been one of the most amazing knitters ever. All the little features of this jacket come together so well. I particularly like the short row shaping in the back, which makes the back of the sweater just a few (important) inches longer, and keeps my back warm and covered!

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