christmas in a pot

December 21, 2009

This is a  simple recipe for making your house smell all spicy and delicious (without baking!). Having been really busy at the store this week, this is the perfect way to make my house feel like I have been making stuff…

This is also a great method to add a little more humidity into your home, which is good this time of year.


A large enameled cast iron pot (stainless steel works too)

1 orange, cut in half

a stick of cinnamon

5-10 cloves

Place above ingredients in a large pot with a good amount of water. I like to squeeze the orange a little to release some of the juice and oils from the skin. Set the pot on a trivet on your wood stove if you have one, or on the kitchen stove on low. Keep an eye on your pot to make sure that it doesn’t boil dry!

Enjoy the wintery citrus and spice smells!!

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