comfort and simple food

December 8, 2009

I have a really fond memory of cooking in my friend Lucy’s kitchen during college. We had a mini summer cafe  for a little while and would cook lunch once a week from mostly local foods. When I got over to her house on one of these days, she was cooking up a pot of sauerkraut. It smelled delightful, and I asked her what it was. She replied that it was sauerkraut, and that I wouldn’t want to eat it because there was bratwurst in there as well. I sadly agreed, and we went about our lunch prep.

Although I didn’t try the sauerkraut dish, I did quiz her about the recipe, which was from her grandmother. It was a classic recipe containing bratwurst, sauerkraut, apples, and onions.

Now, you either love sauerkraut or you hate it. I (in case you haven’t noticed) love it. Pretty much any way. Out of the jar, with potatoes, out of the jar, on pizza, etc. When my dad served some veggie bratwurst last week with some of the sauerkraut that I had given him, I remembered back to the recipe, and decided to give it a vegetarian try. First I browned the bratwurst in a little oil in my skillet and set it aside. Then I chopped up some onions, cooked them in a little oil, and added some diced granny smith apple. I have a vague memory of Lucy using a granny smith, but I am not exactly sure. When the apples and onions were slightly golden, I added the sauerkraut (well drained), some “winter broth” (optional), a little water, and the bratwurst, then turned the burner to low, covered the whole thing and simmered it for a while. When it was finished, I cooled it and YUM! What a delicious, simple, hearty meal for a snow storm (ok the snow is tomorrow, but I can pretend!). Now I just want to curl up into a ball and go to sleep.

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