slightly broken heart

November 21, 2009

When we were out collecting firewood this morning my dad came up with this beautiful trivet/wall hanging. I remember him making many trivets when I was little, by carefully slicing logs into thin pieces. One year for Christmas he made trivets as gifts for everyone. This one is particularly nice, and we aren’t sure if it will break all the way through, or stay together! It also looks to me as though there are two eyes staring brightly out! The crack down the middle was the home of some ants, so we made sure to carefully remove them all.

Making trivets is really easy. You can slice the wood with a chainsaw, or a simple wood saw (what I would use). The result is always unique, and often very beautiful. Sometimes the trivets will crack when the wood dries out, and this adds more character.

2 Responses to “slightly broken heart”

  1. I am interested in making trivets, does the wood need o dry out first? Do you need to put oil or something in the wood? About how thick to cut. I want to be able to place very hot casserole dishes on these. Tank you, Cathy

    • Torrey Says:

      Hi Cathy,
      I don’t have too much experience making trivets. My dad has always cut them from trees, many of them green, and we have used them for all sorts of hot pots with lots of success. My large trivet (in the post) is about 1.5′ across and 2″ thick. I use it for all kinds of hot pots, etc. I have made trivets that are much thinner, around 1″ or 3/4″ and they have worked well too. I can’t say exactly how thick you should make them though. I would experiment with them to see how the heat is transferred. I think that if you don’t let the wood dry you might have more of a chance of the wood cracking.

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