chestnut tree planting experiment

October 27, 2009

ChestnutInNestI got a few chestnuts for planting last week. They are now situated in the field in front of my house. I got directions for planting from John Wittrig, owner of J & B Chestnut Farm in Winfield, Iowa. He gave me some to plant from the prized trees in their “North Lot.” According to John, in order for chestnuts to really produce, there needs to be at least two of them. I had already planted 2 seedlings about a month ago, and thought that it might be a good idea to add some more to the field (just in case). I planted 15, so I will have lots of extra seedlings next summer. Just let me know if you want one, and I will save you one for next year.

Chestnut in Cardboard

I used a piece of cardboard to mark my spot, and to mulch the chestnuts and protect them from weeds. I made holes into the cardboard where the chestnuts were to be planted.

DiggingToolTo plant the nuts, I fluffed up the soil a little with a digging tool, and then stuck my dibber down in to make a hole.Dibber The chestnuts should be buried about 2 or so inches down in the earth, and I covered the tops with loose soil. Finished PlotAfter I planted the nuts, I replaced the cardboard, and covered the area with chicken wire to protect against little (and big) animals eating the nuts. I used some logs around the outside of the plot to hold the chicken wire down. I am kind of curious to see how many nuts actually survive the winter, moles, voles, deer, mice, etc. that might come across them, even with the little bit of protection there. I guess that they make it in nature, so some will probably survive!

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