how to defend chestnuts

October 3, 2009



This is how I like to protect my chestnuts. Cage the trees.


Protecting the nuts, a little more challenging.

Top layer, drying rack, supplemented by broom handle.

Second layer, additional chestnuts drying on a cookie sheet.

Ground floor, mousetraps, baited with peanut butter.


6 Responses to “how to defend chestnuts”

  1. heli Says:

    i sure hope there is success!

  2. mary foster Says:

    Or you could bait the traps with chestnut meal mixed with a little oil…if it’s chestnuts the critters are after…

  3. mary foster Says:

    I use peanut butter and cornmeal if it comes to “that” too. Your chestnut ravioli sound fantastic. I imagine them with a lightly sweet, white chocolate cream sauce.

  4. Mahessori Says:

    What mice like best is Nutella (but not too much or it will make them sick). Do you catch them in Have-a-Heart traps, Tor-Tor?

    I liked the chestnuts you gave me SO much! (They were protected for a few days in the zipper pocket of my down coat, though I suppose enterprising mice could have found them there—up onto the shelf, down onto the hanger, and into the coat. . .)

    • Torrey Says:

      I am glad you (and not the mice) enjoyed the pocketful of chestnuts! Thanks for the mouse bait tip too! I am still considering a cat, which could solve the problem too…

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