the yummiest squash.

September 17, 2009

Squash1These winter squash are my favorite so far this season. They are from Cypress Villages, and have been available at the Farmer’s Market for a few weeks.

A way to cook the squash.

Slice squash in half, top to bottom and scoop out seeds and gunk. Flavor with apple butter, marmalade, or maple syrup, and salt, and butter. Place in a casserole dish or pie pan, with a few inches of water in it. (Use hot water to speed up the cooking time.)

Bake in a 350 or 400 degree oven for about an hour, or until tender when tested with a fork. Carefully remove squash halves to bowls, making sure not to lose any of the liquid inside the squash. Stir up and top with freshly ground black pepper!!

2 Responses to “the yummiest squash.”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Does flavoring the squash mean that you just put butter and maple syrup etc. in the bottom in a lump, or should you spread it around?

    • Torrey Says:

      After you scoop out the seeds there is a little bowl and I just put the butter and sweet stuff in there. As it cooks the stuff spreads in a bit. When the squash comes out of the oven I mash everything up so all the squash gets flavored. (or sometimes I just eat the sweet parts first!)

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